About Miracles

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Offering the facts surrounding real life miracles and how sometimes, the only logical explanation is God.

About Miracles

Edad Recomendada: 12+

Strong Christian worldview and redemptive elements including references to scripture, missions, Jesus, God, prayer, miracles, fasting, and resurrection; strong depiction of Biblical moral values including joy, faith, peace, friendship, trust, forgiveness, love, thankfulness, the value of family, the value of being hard-working, God speaking to His people, and God’s power to redeem hard situations; no profanity or obscenities; some violence with a man getting shot in the leg and through the head, images of doctors performing surgery, a woman has a brain aneurysm, several people are taken to a hospital for injuries, a man describes being in a car accident; no sexual content except for one kiss shared between a married couple; no nudity; no drinking; no smoking; anxiety, doubt.


About Miracles

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