2 to Tangle

Puntuacion Media: 3.4
1 hr 46 minNR

Jessica's boyfriend keeps showing up unexpectedly. Not only is he unexpected, he's no longer living.

2 to Tangle

Edad Recomendada: 5+

Extremely strong Christian and Biblical worldview with strong themes of prayer and the importance of having Christ at the center of romantic relationships; Christian worldview is prominent, as the main character Jessica (played by Payton Patrone) argues with her boyfriend Tom (Clay Doss) about how important it is that Jesus is in his life if he wants to be in her life, Scripture is quoted on multiple occasions with Jessica’s pastor as she finds refuge from her problems in church; Insinuation of a spirit or demon in the form of Jessica’s deceased boyfriend although it is proved to be a case of mistaken identity; Very mild violence in the form of a car crash where the main character’s love interest dies; No language or nudity; Situation where there is a hint of cheating, although no actions were taken besides a "piggy back ride" and touching hands.


2 to Tangle

Creditos de la Pelicula

Elenco de la PeliculaClay Doss, Payton Patrone

Dirigido PorCaleb Johnson

ProduccionJeff Johnson, Lorraine Johnson, William Houser, Rochelle Houser