Turn Around Jake

Puntuacion Media: 3.6
1 hr 36 min

Jake is a failure, but sometimes failure doesn't have to be final.

Advertencia para Padres: Mild Language (OMG)

Turn Around Jake

Edad Recomendada: 12+

Strong Christian worldview and redemptive elements including prayer, repentance, the Gospel message, a church, church outreach through a soup kitchen, singing hymns, and reading the Bible, strong depiction of biblical moral values including generosity, forgiveness, compassion, faith, the value of family, responsibility, and integrity; light profanity with God’s name taken in vain once, man says, "Thank God" flippantly; no violence except the FBI raid an office and a man’s apartment; light sexual content with a woman having a child out of wedlock, one kiss between an engaged couple, two scenes with a flamboyant male character in tight pants and make up; no nudity; moderate drinking with men in a bar, several scenes with people drinking wine, a man gets drunk in his apartment and vomits; no smoking, a man takes pills; greed, fraud, deceit.


Turn Around Jake

Creditos de la Pelicula

Elenco de la PeliculaJarret LeMaster, Jen Lilley, Michael Madsen

EscritorShawn Svoboda

Dirigido PorJared Isham

ProduccionShawn Svoboda