Puntuacion Media: 3.7
1 hr 34 minNR

One drag racer's life-altering injury could send him on a track he'd never considered before—and have him facing his biggest challenge yet.


Edad Recomendada: 15+

Very strong Christian worldview where faith in Jesus Christ gives life meaning ("Without God… that need for adrenaline running through your veins will never be satisfied"), though forgiveness for sins is never seriously addressed in the movie, finding God’s purpose for our lives is the core of the plot, friendship and grace are celebrated, the lead character does have some atheistic beliefs at the beginning of the movie and some humanistic beliefs, such as believing that racing for the glory of oneself is all life is about, but those beliefs are proved wrong by the end; no profane or obscene language; there are some scenes with serious violence-the lead character gets in a fist fight, and a very violent car accident is shown; no sex, although characters try to pick up women that they seem to want to sleep with; no nudity, the lead character is seen in a hospital gown for a lot of the movie; at the beginning of the movie, the characters are at a bar drinking-they never get drunk; several characters smoke cigarettes, no illegal drug use; no other immoral content.



Creditos de la Pelicula

Elenco de la PeliculaCharlene Amoia, Cameron Arnett, Deena Beasley

EscritorAlex Chatfield, Michael Rosander

Dirigido PorJoseph Quinn Simpkins