Beverly Hillbillies

Episodio 280 hr 25 min

Jed Pays His Income Tax

Drysdale tells an IRS man the story of the Clampetts and how they got to be where they are today. But Granny and Jed don't trust this man because they think he is a revenuer, and refuse to let him on the property. But Drysdale helps him get in good, and they end-up eating leftovers - mustard greens and possum innards.

Puntuacion Media: 3.6
Jed Pays His Income Tax

Creditos de la Pelicula

Dirigido Por Richard Whorf

Elenco de la PeliculaBuddy Ebsen,  Irene Ryan,  Donna Douglas, Max Baer, Max Baer Jr., Jr., Bea Benaderet, Raymond Bailey, Edward