Beverly Hillbillies

Episodio 320 hr 26 min

The Clampetts in Court

As the Clampetts are going to the bank, a car bumps into them. When the Johnsons in the car learn how much money the Clampetts have, they decide to sue them. In court, the Johnsons appear to be in a bad condition and make up a story where the Clampetts smashed into their car while intoxicated.

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The Clampetts in Court

Creditos de la Pelicula

Dirigido Por Richard Whorf

Elenco de la PeliculaBuddy Ebsen,  Irene Ryan,  Donna Douglas, Max Baer, Max Baer Jr., Jr., Kathleen Freeman, Murvyn Vye, Dean Harens, Jess Kirkpatrick, Roy Roberts