Adventures in Booga Booga Land Volume 1

Episodio 50 hr 11 min

Squid Sushi Loses His Marbles

Marty and Gerard collect oysters for Squid Sushi's restaurant. The oysters all have a pearl inside them and Sushi buys all of them. One day Gerard finds a very big pearl, Squid Sushi wants to trade his collection of pearls for it! - Matt 13:45-46

Puntuacion Media: 3.6
Squid Sushi Loses His Marbles

Creditos de la Pelicula

Dirigido PorRobert Garlington

Elenco de la PeliculaJustin Thompson, Ben Graham, Frank Fatorich, Scott Nichol, Bradley Ernst

EscritorRobert Garlington

ProduccionCliff McDowell