Dogs On The Job

Average rating: 3.2
1 seasonJanuary 2018

A dog’s purpose can extended beyond a companionship role as man’s best friend to a functional one that comes with great purpose and responsibility. This fascinating documentary series explores the history, training and duties of working dogs and the integral role they serve to assist mankind.

Dogs On The Job

Episode 7

Protection and Companion

The guard dog: providing protection and peace of mind in our homes. These sometimes-ordinary dogs have a long history of keeping humans safe - It’s a dog job on display across the world. Often combined to both alert and attack, both the guard dog and watchdog’s role is to alert with loud barking the arrival of an intruder to scare them away and alert their owner. From there, a watchdog’s job is done, but a guard dog is trained to attack and /or drive the intruder away.

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