Raising Expectations

Child psychologist and author Paige Wayney and her architect husband Wayne, have worked hard at raising their five children to be multi-exceptional. They succeeded four out of five times!

Parental Warning: Mature Subjects

Raising Expectations

Season 1

Season 2


Cast: Molly Ringwald, Jason Priestley, Luke Bilyk, Matthew Tissi, Katie Douglas, Jake Sim, Simon Cadel

Writer: Simon Cadel, Betsey Cadel, Scott Blakeman, Skander Halim, Adam & Max Reid, Dan Cummins, Barbara Haynes, Emer Connon, Tom Saunders, Josh Gal, Garry Campbell, Kate, Spurgeon

Directed By: Jason Priestley, Wwarren P. Sonoda, Christine Deacon, Shawn Alex Thompson, Brian Roberts, Jim Alodi, Jesse Shamata, Melanie Orr, Stefan Brogen

Producer: Tom Saunders, Steve Skrovan, Garry Campbell, Aircraft Pictures


With a Strong Male Lead, With a Strong Female Lead, About Relationships, About Parenting, About Family, Dramas