Faith and Combat

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1 seasonJanuary 2018

At REBOOT locations across the country, combat veterans are healing, divorce rates are dropping, medication abuse is decreasing and suicide numbers are being reduced.

Faith and Combat

Episode 3

Demoia's Story

Air attacks, day and night. You may even remember watching the night-vision telecast of the apache missile strikes. ( Shock and awe - the message was swift and clear. The Gulf War was over in less than 8 months. But for many, the impact it has had on their lives continues to this day. Today we�ll hear from a man who was one of the first ground troops deployed after the missiles had done their damage. You�ll hear what it looked like - up close and personal.

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Episode 4

John's Story

Upon returning home from Iraq, John began having pain in his shoulders, neck and back. Since the war was just beginning the National Guard wasn't ready for the onslaught of injuries they would soon encounter. Trapped in the system, waiting for years for proper medical assessment, John found himself in a downward spiral. Today we'll hear his story of how waiting on the military medical systems finally led John to take matters into his own hands and how he's encouraging other veterans do to the same.

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Episode 6

Misty and Jason's Story

Alot of people struggle to maintain their relationships after they experience trauma. Trauma has a way of cutting us off from those we love. We lose trust, intimacy and feel numb. To make matters worse, we push away the very people who could actually help us - our family. But experiencing trauma doesn't have to ruin relationships. Today I'm speaking with a two combat veterans who survived the battle, to find themselves in a different kind of war. This war would seek to destroy the marriage they had built. They're here to share with me their story of redemption and the path by which they found healing, despite of the odds.

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Episode 7

Ryan's Story

A long line of military men. A high-speed soldier on his way to top. A leader among his peers. What is someone to do when they begin to question the methods and tactics of senior leadership. What happens when the boots on the ground are seeing something different than the leaders back in Washington. That's exactly the situation our guest today found themselves in. They spoke up but no one seemed to listen. Frustrated and feeling cast aside by the Army he had so bravely served, he was filled with anger and that anger began to eat away at his will to live. Today, you'll hear how he lived through a suicide attempt and is now finding purpose in his pain.

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Episode 8

Matt's Story

We never know how we'll respond to challenges until they come. And even if we are struggling, most of us don't want to admit defeat or ask for help. But when Matt found himself unable to cope with the stresses of combat following a vicious VBED attack that claimed the life of his friends, he had no other choice but to reach out for help. It was devastating for him and he began to question his strength, determination, faith and identity. The journey back to health has been difficult, but today, Matt will share with us how he's kept moving forward after his life was forever changed.

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