Life On Purpose

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1 seasonJanuary 2020

Do you know your purpose? TV host, Beth Townsend has traveled the world interviewing people who have found their life's purpose. In this first season, she sits down with guests from all across Louisiana who have impacted thousands of lives with their life story. Watch how the power of one story can change the world and help you find your purpose!

Life On Purpose

Episode 6

Hospitality to Strangers

Chef John Folse is internationally renowned for his culinary arts. He has cooked for Presidents and Popes. When his mother died when he was 7-years old, his father answered a knock on the door from the angel God sent to help raise eight children. Years later, in Moscow to cook for Reagan and Gorbachev, an ordinary Russian woman pleaded for him to bring her a Bible. The Chef awoke from his sleep with God telling him that the purpose of the trip was not to impress the powerful, but to bring a Bible to a woman longing for the Word.

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Episode 8

Families in Crisis

The enemy’s attacks often focus on the weakest link in the chain - even in devout Christian households. The crisis created often leads to chaos in a family that can break even the strongest chain apart. Vicki Ellis was a victim and knew the mayhem first hand. On her way to becoming a doctor, God called her instead to use her personal experience to heal families. After years of carefully developing and opening a “boys ranch,” floodwaters forced her to start all over again.

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Episode 9

It Wasn't Supposed to Be This Way

Dr. Brian Sleeth was a young pastor with a heart for planting churches. In Detroit to start up a new church, the Great Economic Recession began in December 2007. The pastor lost everything and his family was suddenly thrust into homelessness. Shaken, he asked God if he’d misread his calling this badly. Humbled by his circumstances, God then brought the young pastor back to his roots, and from homelessness to a successful ministry to the homeless.

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Episode 10


Chris Smith was like many African-American children where he grew up. Raised by a grandmother, who was a strong woman of faith, the world took him far from her sphere of influence. Music was in his blood. Performing in nightclubs replaced singing in church. Alcohol and drugs dominated and stunted his career. At his lowest point, he gave into Jesus and transformed his professional persona into “Christchild” dedicated to use his musical talent to keep others off the path he once took.

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Episode 12

Man of God

Mark Lubbock was a little boy helping his dad in the backyard when the tragedy struck. Severely injured and comatose for days, he was unaware that his father was dead. Years of trying to be “the man of the house”, without a male role-model, led to unrealistic self-imposed pressures, alcoholism, and failure as both a husband and in business. First came sobriety, and then at a Promise-Keepers rally, God led him to become a United Methodist minister, a man of God dedicated to ministering to other men.

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Episode 13

It Was Me

Street violence is so prevalent in cities across the country that many are numb to the reports. But to a mother in the inner city, every shooting incident leads to real hurting for another woman who has lost a child. Early one morning a knock on the door by a police officer awoke Carolyn Williams York, who fell to her knees with the realization that this time “it was me”. Her answer was a ministry to help other mother’s and family members cope with their loss.

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