Little Worship Company

Average rating: 2.8
1 seasonJuly 2020

Discover God together with this beautifully shot series from the 'Little Worship Company'.

Little Worship Company

Episode 1

Little Me

In 'Little Me', Little Me: Mr and Mrs Looyah and their son Hal, want to worship with you and learn all about how Amazing you are! A mother in a wheelchair picks up her new born baby delighting in how beautifully he has been made (based on PSALM 139: 13-14). In MOTHER'S PRAYER we rejoice with a young mum and her toddler daughter; who is kissing her pregnany tummy and studying sonograms with her Mommy. Beautiful footage of a growing feautus in the womb brings to life the wonder of God's creation. 1 PETER, illustrates that you are Gods' very special treasure before worship song SPARKLING EYES, visits a gorgeous 4 month baby boy. His mother feeds, bathes, smiles and dances with him, celebrating his tiny body and how perfect he is. Singalong, EVERY HAIR ON MY HEAD is a joyful action based song that shows that you are special, and every hair, freckle, chuckle and giggle makes you the one and only You!

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Episode 2

Bubble Of Praise

In 'Bubble of Praise', Mr and Mrs Looyah and their son Hal, want to worship with you and learn all about how Amazing you are! A young boy prays the AMAZING ME PRAYER he is thankful to God for his 'blinking eyes, cool hair and listening ears'. Worship song BUBBLE OF PRAISE joins in a toddler group as they play, laugh, dance and sing. Singalong TEENY WEENY reminds us of 1 Timothy 4, no matter how small you are, not to let anyone look down on you. BE WITH YOU visits a young boy who makes bread with his mother and then goes on a country picnic.

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Episode 3

You'Re Beautiful

Barry and Kari are in the snowy hills and have disagreements about how best to build a team of Snow Champs. But a snowballing disaster forces them to work together so they create an igloo to house their growing brood of Snow Champs! We meet one Treasure Champ who shows Teamwork by helping out at a street party and another takes part in a street dance performance! Plus, storyteller Gemma tells the Bible story of how a team of friends worked together to help a man who couldn't walk.

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Episode 5

Light And Sea

Kari is looking forward to going rowing with Barry, but he's changed his mind and goes to the playground instead. But it starts to rain and Barry regrets his lack of loyalty. Thankfully a gust of wind lifts Barry high into the air and plops him into Kari's boat that is doing circles on the lake. They row to an island and watch a rainbow, agreeing that things are best experienced together. We meet a Treasure Champ who is a loyal supporter of his dad's local cricket team and another who stays in with his grandma because she's injured her leg.

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Episode 8

God'S People

When Kari is about to throw out an old box of rubbish Barry shows that they can use it for something creative instead. Kari struggles to get her imagination going, but accidentally dropping a box in green paint leads her to create a fantastic homemade alien! Barry also creates a box: to store all their fantastic creations in. We meet two young Treasure Champs who make a "garden perfume" for their mum and another who creates a picture to help her younger brother communicate! Plus, storyteller Gemma tells the Bible story of how all the creative people of a nation came together to make a very special building.

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Episode 9

Around The World

Kari is convinced that the "no ball games" sign doesn't apply to her, but she learns her lesson when she accidentally hurts a flower. Barry teaches her that rules should be obeyed and are always there for a reason, so she goes to play her ball in a different area, putting up her own signs to ensure there are no elephants, seagulls or giant fish - and no flowers. A group of young Treasure Champs show Obedience by following instructions around a campfire in the woods and another helps her dog to be more obedient by training it.

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Episode 12

Party Time

Kari wants to know how to windsurf like Barry and is told there's no secret but perseverance and hard work. She falls in time and time again, but eventually gets the hang of it! They also have to persevere by building a sandcastle that keeps getting destroyed!A young Treasure Champ shows Perseverance by daily dealing with his diabetes and another perseveres to learn a new trick on her skateboard!Storyteller Jonah will be down on the farm telling us a story all about a lost sheep.

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Episode 14

My Friends

Barry is playing with all his many toys but is only willing to give Kari a small pebble to play with. When Kari turns it into an exciting toy character, she shows true generosity by letting Barry play with it. To show his thanks, Barry gives Kari a Super Mega Awesome Stone, but it's so heavy it sends Barry crashing through the floor!We meet a group of young Treasure Champs who show generosity with their time by visiting a retirement home for the elderly, and a brother and sister encourage generosity in others as they take part in a sponsored bike ride!Plus, storyteller Gemma tells the Bible story of a very generous woman and a not-so generous dinner-host.

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