With Christian persecution in Nero's Rome, four children and a Baker tell stories in secret of the life of Jesus.



Producer: Nick Condon, Michael Algar, David N. Weiss, Andrew melrose, Andrew Fitzpatrick, David R. Anderson, Brian Brown, Scott Bolinder

Directed By: Jimmy T. Murakami

Writer: Andrew melrose, Brian Brown

Cast: Catherine M. Smith, Priscilla Prescott, Andrew Pearman, Bob Norris, Gene Johnson, Janet Isenhart, Marcus P. Hyde, Philip G. Guthrie, Kasey Folk, James K. Flynn, Randall T.Eldridge, Brian Cummings, Jim Catlin, Joel Blackwelder, Jerry Ammons


For Kids, For Ages 8 to 10, For Ages 5 to 7, About the Bible, About New Testament, About Jesus