The List

Average rating: 3.5
1 hr 48 minPG

A lawyer is shaken by news of his father's death and his will which references "The Covenant List of South Carolina."

The List

Recommended Age: All Ages

Light, somewhat ambiguous Christian worldview with very strong moral elements showing the power of prayer in combating evil and the occult is portrayed as evil to be combated by believers; no obscenities or profanities; spiritual violence (curses) result in physical injury and sometimes death but action is not violent in the physical combat sense; some social drinking, but no obvious drunkenness; no smoking; and, attempted robbery, secret society with blood oaths and considerable intrigue.


The List


CastMalcolm McDowell, Hilarie Burton, Chuck Carrington, Will Patton, Pat Hingle

WritingMichelle Hoppe-Long, Johnston Moore, Robert Whitlow, Gary Wheeler

Directed byGary Wheeler

ProductionKevin Downes, Gary Wheeler