Average rating: 3.4
1 hr 30 minPG

A coming of age story of love, luck, mystery, tribulations and baseball.

Parental Warning: Mature Subjects


Recommended Age: 15+

Deistic worldview that thinks of God as more of an abstract force that’s present in good luck charms, such as old expensive coins, and that things will otherwise work themselves out in the end without God’s help, although these messages are more subliminal, as God’s name is never mentioned; Other positive worldview messages are evident such as messages on never giving up and having confidence; 6 profanities, although 5 of them are censored, the phrases, shut up and holy crap are said, a character urinates into a party cup and gives it to an unknowing girl; The brakes fail in a car and it drives into a busy intersection, one character is hit in the face by a baseball and falls backward out of her seat, a player in the field is hit rather hard in the side by a baseball; One teen is seen in bed with another girl, although no other details before or after are shown, a boy cheats on his girlfriend, moderate kissing, two kids are left alone and unsupervised to kiss in the back of a pickup; Upper male nudity; A group of teens gamble, one character talks on the phone drunk, a mention of liquor is brought up; No smoking or drug use; The mother of a pitcher yells harshly at the opposing team, and it’s mostly played for laughs, the main character disobeys his parents multiple times, although the consequences are met.




CastLouis Bonfante, Lili Reinhart, Jonnie Wagner

WritingBob Mahaffey

Directed byJonathon Kimble, Bob Mahaffey


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