A Strange Brand of Happy

Average rating: 2.8
1 hr 35 minPG-13

When one man falls for his life coach he may find coaching in the most unexpected of places.

Parental Warning: Adult Situations

A Strange Brand of Happy

Recommended Age: 15+

Light Christian worldview showing a church group volunteering at a retirement home, talk about vaguely feeling God’s pleasure, worldview of seeing God in everyday things and people, picture of Jesus; Biblical worldview of kindness, forgiveness, and honoring elders; one exclamation of "pain in the a-," discouraging "fart" jokes; cartoons seen of man shooting himself in the head and a man being smashed by giant hammer, implied history of abusive husband; man is framed for watching porn, sexually suggestive conversation, man stops outside lingerie shop, not graphic, but underwear is on display, men objectify women, brief joke about AIDS, brief joke about molester; woman seen wearing a bath towel, woman seen in short shorts; man gets drunk a couple of times, fairly heavy drinking; people lie on occasion, a Christian is portrayed as a jerk, brief reference to drugs.


A Strange Brand of Happy


CastRebecca St. James, Joe Boyd, Shirley Jones

ProductionJim Boyd, Jim Nyberg