Watchers: Revelation

Average rating: 3.2
1 hr 30 minPG-13

It becomes clear that one woman has a very special gift—one that can expose the true nature of the extraterrestrials.

Watchers: Revelation

Recommended Age: 12+

Strong Christian worldview to seek Scripture for answers and guidance, portrays the power of God’s Name, shows the importance of engaging in spiritual warfare, positive portrayal of Christianity; Biblical worldview of honor, generosity, and kindness; gunshots imply the death of multiple men, not seen, people fight with swords, man dies after being seen with bloody eyes, not graphic; light reference to alcohol; man kidnaps girl thinking it’s the right thing to do, people believe that unknown forces/beings are aliens linked to ancient gods, explanation of ancient Samarian gods is given.


Watchers: Revelation


CastTitus Young Wolverton, David Gaylor, Tyler Trent, Carissa Dallis, Kaitlin Lory, Kyle Hotz

ProductionTom Dallis, Tyler Trent

Executive ProducerJeff Wilson