Bike Detectives

Average rating: 3.2
1 hr 10 minNR

Leon makes some cash to buy a new bike and get "in" with the cool kids, but is "being cool" what he's been searching for?

Bike Detectives

Recommended Age: 5+

Strong moral worldview (Leon donates to a charitable cause, forgiveness happens during the climax, the Bike Detectives strive to bring the antagonist to justice) and light Christian worldview (Leon’s sister, Luisa, prays for God to help her find a new home for her kittens, Mr. Fellinger says that his late wife is in heaven, two characters recite The Lord’s Prayer together); no foul language, but "oh, my gosh" is spoken once; Luisa’s father once suggests out of frustration that her kittens should be drowned, a window gets shattered by a rock, a dog is killed by rat poison, the antagonist damages Leon’s bike, a shed is set on fire while Luisa and her kittens are inside (the fire is put out and nobody is harmed); no sexual content; no nudity; no alcohol use; no smoking or drug use; and, Leon lies several times and fulfills a dubious task early on against his better judgment, the antagonist threatens to humiliate Leon and is blackmailed by his boss.


Bike Detectives


CastAndreas Krenzer

WritingRainer Hackstock, Hanno Herzler

Directed byWolf-Dieter Kretschmer

ProductionWolf-Dieter Kretschmer