Cabin 6

Average rating: 3.5
0 hr 26 minNR

On the verge of divorce, one couple finds a journal of past love stories that could rekindle the love they've lost.

Parental Warning: Adult Situations

Cabin 6

Recommended Age: 15+

Christian and Biblical worldview, references to heaven after death, reference to Song of Solomon. references to a Biblical view of sex that is to be enjoyed within marriage; No language or violence; Light and brief sexual content, a couple is shown on the ground underneath a blanket implying a post-coital state, referenced as "making love" in a Biblical sense; Light nudity, upper male nudity, and the viewer sees the back of a woman as she flips on top of her husband; Light alcohol use, a couple enjoys a glass of wine while playing Scrabble, no drunkenness; Brief portrayal of dysfunctional marriage, arguing and making plans for divorce.


Cabin 6


CastPerry Smith, Jim Burns, Michael Traynor

WritingMark E. McCann

Directed byMichael McCaffrey

ProductionMichael McCaffrey