Cross And The Switchblade

Average rating: 3.7
1 hr 46 minPG

A notorious gang leader completely turns his life around, proving what happens when one man decides that the most hopeless have hope after all.

Parental Warning: Violence, Mature Subjects, Language

Cross And The Switchblade

Recommended Age: 15+

The overall worldview of the movie is very Christian, God’s love is the only redemption from a world of gang violence and drug addiction, a lot of the movie displays a world that is without Christ, a pagan or humanist world, in the form of brutal gang fighting, drug abuse, and prostitution, this is a dark world where Christ’s redemptive sacrifice is scorned and where every immoral act is practiced regularly, but the message of the movie is distinctly biblical as a young evangelist comes into this harsh world of gangs and beatings to rescue the lost, the evangelist tells the gang members over and over that God loves them; the "d" word, the "h" word, and the "b" word are used, a few racial epithets are used, the gang members speak harshly to each other, and there is some toilet humor; a large gang war is shown in sprawling detail, switchblades and other weapons are routinely carried and used by the gang members, beatings and fistfights are present in nearly every other scene, and a man falls from a high balcony; prostitution is regularly spoken about, and two people are seen aggressively kissing in scant clothing; a man is seen in his underwear, two people are seen in undershirts and underwear, a main character briefly displays her underwear; many of the gang members are seen drinking alcohol; many of the gang members are seen smoking; a main character is addicted to hard drugs and tries to get clean, the preparation and injection of hard drugs is shown in detail, etc.; the gang members steal to survive, they lie to each other and the evangelist, they carry out revenge on other gangs and each other, and a young girl attempts suicide.


Cross And The Switchblade


CastPat Boone, Erik Estrada

NarratorDick Ross

WritingDon Murray, James Bonnet

Directed byDon Murray

ProductionDick Ross