Second Chances

Average rating: 3.7
1 hr 43 minNR

It seems to be fate when an injured girl meets a crippled horse. Can they overcome all they've been through?

Second Chances

Recommended Age: 9+

Strong Biblical worldview showing kindness, forgiveness, and self-sacrifice; woman prays for help, people act with Christian morals; one use of "jee," and "dang," multiple uses of "darn;" car crash heard, man dies in car crash, not seen, girl seen briefly with bloody pant leg, two instances where a horse is seen falling on girl; implication that men used to be alcoholics, a couple scenes with brief drinking; girl fights with mother, girl is mean to a horse and a girl, girls wrestle, man lies to protect someone’s feelings, girl disobeys authority.


Second Chances


CastKelsey Mulrooney, Isabel Glasser, Stuart Witman, Theodore Bikel, Terry Moore, Charles Shaughnessy, Madeline Zima

WritingDaniel Adams, Art Martin

Directed byJames Fargo

ProductionTerry Moore, Jerry Rivers