Young Believers

Average rating: 3
1 hr 19 min

Four Christian teens are navigating through their senior year using God’s Word as their guide.

Parental Warning: Mild Language (OMG), Mature Subjects

Young Believers

Recommended Age: 12+

Very strong Christian, biblical, moral worldview as four friends at a private Christian school go to school and share their faith, with Bible passages quoted throughout the movie; no obscenities or profanities, but a few conversations of crude humor, including two teenage boys bet on a boy having sexual relations with a girl; boy pulls girl to his couch to rape her, but she breaks free and escapes; no depicted sex, but some talk about it and teenage boy tries to force one girl but she escapes; no nudity; no alcohol use, but alcohol shown and offered to a minor, but refused; no smoking but a mention of "weed" or marijuana, and teenage boy crushes a prescription sleeping pill and mixes it into girl’s lemonade to rape her, and she drinks it unknowingly, but she escapes; and, girl argues with friends due to her own pride, vanity, and jealousy, talk of parents divorcing, and teenage boy lies to gain teenage girl’s trust.