New World Order

Average rating: 3.1
1 hr 26 minNR

It's been three years since the apocalypse happened, and Demi and Christen are living in the New World Order.

New World Order

Recommended Age: 12+

Strong Christian worldview throughout, with strong themes of staying true to God through persecution and death, statements about the Bible being prophetic, and it is said that God gives you strength; no foul language; people are shot on and off screen, we see bloody gunshot wounds and bullet holes, a woman is beheaded off-screen, people are betrayed and are shown being held prisoner against their will, villains talk about killing, men, women, and children wear the "mark" of the New World Order, which one character refers to as the ‘mark of Satan’; no nudity; mentions are made of exotic dancing, and a woman checks out a guy; people drink and talk about parties; no drug content; no other immoral content.


New World Order


WritingAntoinette McCoy, Duane McCoy

Directed byDuane McCoy

ProductionAntoinette McCoy, Duane McCoy

CastMichael Alvarez, Melissa Farley, Erin Runbeck