A Path In Time

Average rating: 3.2
0 hr 55 min

A time travel adventure about the word of God and the love a father has for his son.

A Path In Time

Recommended Age: All Ages

In this movie, the hope for human survival is in Scripture. The antagonist-a character routinely compared to Paul pre-conversion-wants to wipe out all traces of the Bible throughout history. He uses a time-traveling device called a TPU. The protagonist, a teenager named Tom, is the key to saving Christian faith. In Tom’s family, an old Bible is passed down from generation to generation. This familial preservation of Scripture is what will ultimately protect generations of Christians from persecution. In the movie, kind behavior, Scripture, and the salvation of Jesus Christ are celebrated. The only discrepancy in worldview comes with the issue of time travel. The antagonist in the movie seems to believe that he can wipe out Christianity by going back in time. This, of course, is a faulty view of God’s providence and power. God would never allow Christianity as a whole to cease to exist. There is no obscene, profane, or foul language; no sexual content; no nudity; no alcohol or drunkenness; and no smoking or illegal drug use.


A Path In Time


CastJason Mitchell, Samantha Hill

WritingKeith Eidse

Directed byDean Harder

ProductionKeith Eidse, Nathan Eidse