For The Glory

Average rating: 3.6
1 hr 45 minNR

Showing how God’s intervention turns failure into triumph in ways we can't begin to imagine.

For The Glory

Recommended Age: 9+

Very strong Christian, moral worldview with main moral being to glorify God with one’s life, conversion experience, multiple church services as well as characters reading the Bible; no foul language; brief violence, woman throws a bottle against a wall when in a fight with her husband, a boy kicks another boy in the groin; no sexual content; upper male nudity; moderate alcohol use, woman is an alcoholic, college youth drink at parties, some excessively; no smoking or drug use; and, highly dysfunctional family portrayal, the main character’s father constantly discourages his son, and parents constantly fight and blame each other for their problems


For The Glory


CastJason Burkey, Robby Stone, Michael Landers, Chelsie Casagrande

Directed byDonald Leow

ProductionDonald Leow