Against the Crooked Sky

Average rating: 3.3
1 hr 27 minG

Set in the beautiful red rock country of the west, a hero takes up the challenge: would he lay down his life to save another?

Against the Crooked Sky

Recommended Age: 15+

Strong Christian worldview (Two references are made to Jesus’s statement that a man can show no greater love than by laying down his life for friends, Sam gives his Bible to a Native American woman, he prays for God’s help during the climax) and strong moral worldview (Sam is determined to rescue his sister at all costs); one d-word, three h-words, one use of God’s name in vain; Sam nearly drowns in a river, Russian jokingly says that he slit the throat of his late son, at least five Native Americans are killed by gunshots or knife stabs (a little blood is seen), a dog is killed by stabbing, Sam is punched by a Russian (his mouth bleeds), blood stains are seen on a rock, someone falls from a cliff after getting shot by an arrow; Charlotte becomes pregnant by Temkai, the Native American who took her as his bride; Charlotte bathes in a river (only her arms and shoulders are revealed), much upper male nudity among the Native Americans; the Russian is often intoxicated and seen holding or downing a drink; no smoking or drug use; and the Russian greedily agrees to help Sam find gold, the plot is initiated by Temkai kidnapping Charlotte, Sam runs away from home to try to recover Charlotte.


Against the Crooked Sky


CastRichard Boone, Stewart Petersen

WritingDouglas C. Stewart

Directed byEarl Bellamy

ProductionLyman Dayton