Saints and Soldiers

Average rating: 3.7
1 hr 30 minPG-13

Two allied soldiers must brave the German winter to make it back to safety before it's too late.

Parental Warning: Language

Saints and Soldiers

Recommended Age: 12+

Mild Christian worldview with some questionable content suggesting a disregard for human authority, possible occult content where dead men appear to visit soldier in a vision, and a slight cultic relationship between soldiers on opposite sides of the battles; two obscenities and at least three exclamatory profanities such as "Oh God!"; battlefield violence with very little blood, one very bloody scene treating a soldier’s leg wound, and several deaths; no sex; no nudity; no alcohol; smoking consistently; and, man has visions of dead people, and soldier lies to another soldier.


Saints and Soldiers


CastCorbin Allred, Alexander Polinsky, Kirby Heyborne, Larry Bagby

WritingGeoffrey Panos, Matt Whitaker

Directed byRyan Little

ProductionAdam Abel, Ryan Little