Cowboys of Faith

Average rating: 3.4
1 hr 43 minNR

Today’s greatest rodeo competitors provide, with extraordinary action footage, witness to the power of faith for themselves, their families, and their profession.

Cowboys of Faith

Recommended Age: All Ages

The worldview of this movie is undeniably Christian as rodeo performers from all over the country describe how their faith enters into their sport, they confess their shortcomings and talk about God’s work to redeem their lives, however, it does seem like they describe a Prosperity Gospel worldview a few times, where their material success at rodeo is because their faith is strong, and that God rewards the faithful with material success; no profane or obscene language; rodeo is a fairly violent sport, and you see cowboys atop bulls and broncos being wildly whipped around, a few cowboys also discuss their prior injuries in detail; no sex; no nudity; some of the cowboys mention bars and getting drunk at rodeos, but always in reference to their prior sinful lives before they met God; no smoking or illegal drug use; no other immorality.


Cowboys of Faith


CastMatt Austin, Clint Corey, Bobby Mote, Ryan Mapson

ProductionDan Schwarzbaum