A Dog's Tale

Average rating: 3.4
1 hr 32 minPG

How will Tim's beliefs and attitude change when his greatest wish is granted? The answer will surprise him.

A Dog's Tale

Recommended Age: 9+

Strong biblical/moral worldview extolling courage and self responsibility; no foul language, but Owen says "son of a…" without finishing the phrase; Tim ends up in danger several times while a dog (Owen tries to shoot him with a rifle, and a pack of hungry wolves chases him) but he is never actually harmed, a bear mauls Ralph the dog (the act isn’t actually shown, but some blood is seen); no sexual content, but Tim kisses Haley on the cheek; no nudity, but Tim wears only a blanket at one point; no alcohol use, but a police deputy suggests that Thaddeus has been drinking; no smoking or drug use, but Haley suggests that Thaddeus needs medication for his mental health; Tim is antagonized by a pair of bullies early on, he sneaks out of his house against his mother’s wishes, he exacts revenge against one of the bullies, name-calling such as "fuzz-brain" and "imbecile" occurs, and the storyline involves extraordinary events caused by characters wishing upon a star.


A Dog's Tale


CastGordon Jump, David Bowe, Anne Lockhart

WritingCraig Clyde, Bryce Fillmore, James Hennessy

Directed byPaul Goodman

ProductionBryce Fillmore, Ray Tremblay