Faith Under Fire

Average rating: 3.6
0 hr 32 minNR

This program brings to life interviews with Christians who face persecution head-on.

Parental Warning: Intense Scenes, Mature Subjects

Faith Under Fire

Recommended Age: 12+

Very strong Christian worldview (the video’s host quotes from Hebrews 11 early on, the different Christians depicted share the practice of boldly proclaiming the gospel even amid tremendous adversity, footage is featured of a choir singing a hymn, the last quarter or so of the video includes exhortations for Western Christians to help support Voice of the Martyrs, an organization that ministers to persecuted brothers and sisters around the world); no foul language; it’s made clear that Christians in various countries hostile to the gospel are often beaten, tortured, and killed after refusing to renounce their faith, but nothing is graphically depicted; many women in a Chinese congregation are said to have been molested by public guards because of their faith; no nudity; no alcohol content; no smoking or drug use; and, no miscellaneous issues.


Faith Under Fire


CastChris Peace

NarratorChris Peace

WritingSteve Cleary, Ken Scrivner

Directed byStephen Yake

ProductionStephen Yake