Hope Bridge

Average rating: 3.3
1 hr 26 min

After a high school boy learns the truth about his dad, he begins a long journey to find hope in the midst of his grief.

Hope Bridge

Recommended Age: 12+

Bible verses and a prayer are read at a funeral, many characters wear cross necklaces, one character gives credit to God for keeping her from attempting suicide; no foul language; one fight between two teenagers, consisting of punching and pushing to the floor, but no gore, and another scene in which a teenager loses his temper, slaps his mother's arm, destroys items in his room, and pushes a child into the wall; no sexual content at all; no nudity, but a female character wears short shorts sometimes; no alcohol use by the main characters, but one scene is in a bar, and the background actors are drinking; no smoking or drug use; a character says that she once stole something from someone, trespassing in a yard and entering a private shed, stealing a box from that shed, lying to one's mother about planned activities and destination, sneaking out, running away.


Hope Bridge


CastBooboo Stewart, Kevin Sorbo, Sam Sorbo, Rebeca Robles

WritingChristine Eaton, David Eaton

Directed byJoshua Overbay

ProductionDavid Eaton, Christine Eaton, Isaac Stambaugh