Jackson's Run

Average rating: 3.7
1 hr 42 min

A heartwarming rite of passage story that explores life, death, suffering, and God’s purpose in it.

Jackson's Run

Recommended Age: 15+

Extreme Evangelical Christian, biblical worldview about being saved by Jesus Christ, forgiving one another and overcoming tragedy; no foul language; strong violence includes Iraq wartime battle with young children getting shot and people dying, intense care race trying to outrun police, man tries to hang himself, teenager punches out his father, teenage boys gang up on another teenager and hit him, teenager dies of HIV; bedroom shot of husband and wife but nothing salacious shown, childhood romance but nothing salacious shown, some comments about sexual relationships but nothing offensive; no nudity; alcoholic mother so alcohol use to get drunk; drug sales, drug addiction; and, young man got HIV from shooting up with drugs at a young age, anger, rebellion, disrespect for parents, and avoidance of responsibility but all rebuked.


Jackson's Run


CastRusty Martin Jr., T.C. Stallings

WritingChris Robinson, Dan Lennox

Directed byDan Lennox

ProductionClif White, Ollie Ballew


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