Creed of Gold

Average rating: 3.3
1 hr 43 minNR

The story of a student who must clear his father’s name and protect the financial interest of the world from those who would exploit it.

Creed of Gold

Recommended Age: 12+

Very strong overt Christian worldview, with strong moral points, but focused on the conspiracy theory that the bankers who started the Federal reserve caused the Russian Revolution and all the dire circumstances of our recent history; no foul language; threats of violence, assassinations, shootings, but nothing on screen with blood; no sexual content but there is a brief kiss; no nudity; no overt alcohol; no smoking or drugs; and, nothing else objectionable.


Creed of Gold


CastTaylor Lindsey, Ellen Lawrence, Nicholas Willeke, Vanessa Ewing, Alexander Ganahl, William Greene, Jay L. Wile, Lorraine Knox

WritingMark A. Knudsen

Directed byDaniel Knudsen

ProductionMark A. Knudsen, Michelle Knudsen, Kathleen Knudsen