Stephen's Test Of Faith

Average rating: 3.6
0 hr 28 minNR

A young boy who's teased for his faith goes on a dream-like journey that awakens his confidence in the biblical ways.

Stephen's Test Of Faith

Recommended Age: All Ages

Very strong Christian and Biblical worldview that guarantees how believers of the holy word will be prosecuted for their faith, as they have been throughout all of history; The main character is asked by Jesus in a vision if he will deny him, twice pieces of scripture are quoted, twice a character prays directly to God; No obscenities, although some name-calling; The main character gets paper wads thrown at him by bullies, they later push him down, causing his nose to bleed, Stephen of the Bible gets stoned, the secret police of 1970 chase people through houses in a pursuit of persecution, two kids escape a fire; No sexual content; No nudity; No alcohol use; No smoking or drug use; and some bullying.


Stephen's Test Of Faith


CastDaniel Kumatz, Chip Arnold, Adam Warfield

WritingSteve Cleary

Directed byStephen Yake

ProductionCindy Montano, Stephen Yake