Treasure State

Average rating: 3.5
1 hr 22 minNR

A plane crash in the mountains of Montana will either keep a decades-long family feud alive or bring reconciliation.

Parental Warning: Violence

Treasure State

Recommended Age: 9+

Dominant moral worldview that we should forgive others to maintain peace in our lives; no foul language; brief violence including teens being threatened by criminals with guns; no sexual content; no nudity; no alcohol use; no smoking or illegal drug use; low level of miscellaneous immorality.


Treasure State


CastRobert Bear, Larry Laverty, Judah Justine, Solomon Ray, Lillith Fields, Robert Milo Andreus

WritingRyan Reed, Andrew Wiest

Directed byAndrew Wiest

ProductionAndrew Wiest, Marianne Wiest