Saving Winston

Average rating: 3.4
1 hr 26 minNR

How one teen finds redemption in the most unlikely of places, and how she must stand strong when temptation knocks on her door.

Saving Winston

Recommended Age: 9+

Very strong Christian, and Biblical worldview about redemption, and finding value in God, many prayers throughout, and references to God, including scenes in church; no foul language; extremely light violence, multiple angst filled arguments between main character and supporting characters, brief shoving and physical contact, emotional abandonment, elements of self hatred; no sexual content; no nudity; brief drunkenness, mention of drug use; several accounts of lying and allowing anger to rule actions or responses, stealing, poor moral influences, questionable parental action.


Saving Winston


CastVictoria Emmons, Meghan McCabe-Habrat, Austin Kearney

WritingJodi Johnson

Directed byShane Hawks

ProductionCarrie Hawks, Jodi Johnson, Shane Hawks