Breaking Man

Average rating: 3.1
1 hr 33 minNR

A pastor's struggle with his very faith and his long but rewarding journey back again.

Breaking Man

Recommended Age: 15+

Dominant Christian worldview that God desires for us to have a relationship with him, not follow a religion; other representations of an anti-biblical worldview that God does not exist; one use of the phrase "Shut Up!" and one depiction of vomiting in the toilet; Brief violence including one scene of attempted suicide; Implied adultery; No nudity; Moderate level of alcohol use including main character getting drunk at a party and passing out on friend’s couch; Mild drug use including use of prescription drugs mixed with alcohol; Moderate level of miscellaneous immorality, such as lying, revenge, bad role models and dysfunctional family portrayals including not upholding marriage vows, and main character’s description of poor relationship with his father.


Breaking Man


CastPreston Long, Sadie Tysdal, Jeff Harris, Heidi Hageman

WritingJeff Harris, Sadie Tysdal

Directed byJeff Harris

ProductionSadie Tysdal