Average rating: 3
1 hr 29 minPG

Program Description


Recommended Age: 12+

Light Christian worldview with several brief mentions of God, the main character says that law school is his calling from God, crosses and crucifixes are seen hanging in the principal’s office and boy’s bedroom, the main character prays to God during a deep emotional pit in his life, but God is otherwise absent from the apparently spiritual family, as if he’s more the background of their successes; No foul language, but there is one use of shut up; No violence; The main character has a girl over to study, and his father tells him to keep it in the living room; Upper male nudity, a girl comes up to his door and notices he’s wearing only boxers; No alcohol use; The parents of the main character ask him if he’s doing drugs; The school principal steals a couple of candy bars sold to benefit the school’s drama club, a chef hired to mentor the main character in chess is an offensive racial stereotype who has the appearance of an Italian but talks like a Japanese sensei, a reckless comment is made regarding starving children in Africa.




CastZachary W. Barnes, Robin Bjerke, Amilia Varni, William E. Powers, A'ali Salaam, Dan Bailey, Erica Vega

WritingArvin N. Berner

Directed byArvin N. Berner

ProductionArvin N. Berner