The Imposter

Average rating: 3.1
1 hr 41 minNR

Losing everything important to him, a rock star starts to piece his life back together with some help from above.

Recommended Age: 5+

Very strong Christian worldview as character struggles with his faith, though main character lives a pagan lifestyle and pastor tells his son not to get caught; no obscenities and no profanities; man hit and kicked by gang; discussion of adultery, but not depicted; no nudity; drinking of alcohol; addiction to illegal drugs; and, lying.


The Imposter


CastKevin Max, Kerry Livgren, Jeff Devo, Arianne Martin, Tom Wright

WritingDaniel Millican

Directed byDaniel Millican

ProductionDaniel Millican, Jeff Rodgers, Brandon Baker, Russ Pond, Courtney Price, Doug Williams, David Del Gardo, Dan Palmer, Lisa Palmer, Frank Olsen, Tim Joslen