One Hit from Home

Average rating: 3.5
1 hr 38 min

An ex-baseball star finds solace through a friendship with a college baseball player. Together, they come to peace with their dark pasts.

One Hit from Home

Recommended Age: 12+

Very strong Christian worldview (the movie opens with a voiceover quoting from James, a crucifix necklace serves as a key prop, Brandon and his father eventually become reconciled, a pastor prays with Jimmy and assures him that the death and resurrection of Jesus gives believers the hope necessary to overcome griefs and trials) and strong moral worldview (Jimmy’s uncle has him coach the team as a way to turn his life around and fulfill community service as a substitute for going to jail, Jimmy becomes more mature and responsible); no foul language; Jimmy beats up a stranger at a bar when provoked, his parents died in a car accident (the event isn’t portrayed); Jimmy is shown in bed with a woman (presumably they’ve slept together), Brandon’s girlfriend wears some cleavage-bearing outfits; occasional upper male nudity with Jimmy; Jimmy is an alcoholic during the film’s first half (he’s often intoxicated or consuming a drink), Jeff also suffers from alcoholism; no smoking or drug use; and, Jimmy is very grouchy and apathetic before he starts improving, Brandon is verbally abused by his father when he or his team underperform.


One Hit from Home


CastDave Stone, Johnny Meier, ChrisAnn Brunsmann

WritingJohnny Meier, David Aaron Stone, Pavel Tchurstein, Mary Louise Gemmill

Directed byJohnny Meier, David Aaron Stone

ProductionJohnny Meier, David Aaron Stone, B.A. Alexander, ChrisAnn Brunsmann