Running Inside Out

Average rating: 3.4
1 hr 25 minNR

One woman is forced to make the ultimate decision when something unexpected stands in the way of her dreams.

Running Inside Out

Recommended Age: 15+

Overarching Christian worldview, major themes of forgiveness and redemption, main character has a God realization after she has a baby and her eyes are opened to the love that God has for His children, characters make references to prayer and God being with them, Strong Biblical worldview, the women in the main character’s life are overtly Christian and pray for her, study the Bible with other people when the main character comes to Christ, Kim practices the Biblical example of forgiveness and prays to God to help her forgive; Slight false religion present in the kooky Aunt Sally, she refers to the universe as having magnetic fields that can heal people; Light alcohol as friends have a drink together at a bar, no drunkenness; Girl throws up from running/dizziness; Implied sexual situations, boyfriend cheats on main character, main character is living with her boyfriend and then gets pregnant, implication of a one night stand; a few situations where characters have children out of wedlock, girl has an abortion, flashbacks of a bloody situation that ends her in the hospital, boss encourages abortion, grown man calls little girls "brats" when they want to play with his dog, deceiving parents, dysfunctional family but is somewhat rectified.


Running Inside Out


CastAndrea Prescott, Jeffry Griffin, Michelle Pidgeon, Nancy Humphreys, Roz Turner

WritingRobert Hirst, Rick Mace

Directed byRobert Hirst

ProductionRobert Hirst, Rick Mace, Daniel Bernard