Average rating: 3.2
1 hr 45 minNR

One selfish man learns that if you're willing to let go of everything, you can have it all.


Recommended Age: 15+

Strong Christian worldview and redemptive elements including depictions of prayer, sharing the Gospel message, repentance, and the promotion of faith in God and adherence to His Word, moderate depiction of biblical moral values including faithfulness to one’s spouse, the importance of love rather than materialism, and the need for seeking/trusting in God; light anti-biblical worldview including a woman endorsing an unbiblical divorce, men being heavily chauvinistic in their speech about/to women, women intensely disrespecting their husbands; light profanity with God’s name taken in vain twice, a man starts to say an obscenity but gets cut off; light violence with a man throwing a Whiffle ball in anger at a boy’s face and a girl falling from a second story balcony; light sexuality with a verbal implication that a married woman is seeing another man, girl makes two sexually suggestive comments; no nudity; light drinking with men drinking beer in a bar; light smoking; disrespect, anger, deceit, stealing, disobedience, materialism.




CastDavid McIntyre, Kimberly Nelson-Howard, Grant Collins, Casey McLain

WritingBrett Devine, Dave Collum

Directed byBrett Devine

ProductionBrett Devine, Dave Devine