Without a Father

Average rating: 3.5
2 hr 5 minNR

How two brothers try to fill a void with a missing father. Will they find the peace they're searching for?

Without a Father

Recommended Age: 12+

A strong Christian and biblical worldview, the gospel is explained multiple times and is held to be the only way to be saved; confession, repentance, forgiveness, faith, wisdom and sanctification are clearly demonstrated by contrasting them with the negative effects that come from Godlessness, foolishness and selfishness; there is no foul language; moderate violence, someone drowns in the first scene of the movie, and a man uses a gun to seriously threaten another; upper male nudity at a swimming pool and slight cleavage; there is moderate drinking in a couple scenes as well as a song that mentions drinking and drugs in a negative light; a character engages in drug dealing for a little part of the movie, no drugs are shown; a character is bribed, a man neglects his family in order to deal drugs, a man neglects his wife in order to work harder, bad marriage advice is given in a diner, later contrasted with good advice, man blames his brother for causing father to leave, a man dies from a brain aneurysm, man goes to ER from a heart attack and is defibrillated multiple times, a man gets accused for stealing a car and is placed in jail.


Without a Father


CastJacob O' Neal, Pieter Sypesteyn, Brayden Whisenhunt

WritingLeRoy McDonald

Directed byLeRoy McDonald

ProductionLeRoy McDonald, Troy Leblanc, Ryan Anstett, Frank Butler