Find a Way

Average rating: 3.6
1 hr 28 minNR

When a small town suffers the loss of a beloved teenager, those left behind are forced to deal with the ultimate question: why?

Find a Way

Recommended Age: All Ages

A distinctly Christian worldview is the backbone for this faith film, characters pray, go to church, consult pastors, and wonder about God’s plan for their lives; the virtues of family, empathy, and faith are central to the leading characters’ success; when a student expresses doubt and pain to her teacher, that teacher responds by telling a Bible story, several characters endure crises of faith in the wake of a huge tragedy. But their faith is recovered, certain characters are clearly atheists, and pose challengers to the Christian characters; no foul language, but some teasing; no sexual content; no nudity; a school counselor catches a student with a bottle of alcohol; no smoking, but one characters does mention selling marijuana; and several families are going through the pain of a divorce, though not shown positively.


Find a Way


CastCranston Johnson, Cornelius Muller, Vonii Bristow

WritingCornelius Muller, Thorne Winter

Directed byBurgess Jenkins