The Father's Love

Average rating: 3.4
1 hr 22 minNR

A successful woman moves to New York to forget her past, but finds a hopeful future instead.

Parental Warning: Mild Language (OMG), Adult Situations

The Father's Love

Recommended Age: 15+

Very strong Christian, ultimately moral worldview about a promiscuous woman who finds faith in Jesus, including the Gospel is presented, strong moral Christian characters give guidance, there are two different scenes inside a church, and the Bible is read; eight light profanities; no violence; implied sex on a few different occasions and implied adultery, with lots of kissing; no nudity, but some women wear cleavage-bearing tops at parties; drinking at parties, but no one is visibly drunk; no smoking or drugs; and, a man lies and commits adultery, but this is seen negatively.


The Father's Love


CastAngela Lin, Erik McKay, Raushanah Simmons, Jordan Turchin

WritingSharon Kon, Mara Measor

Directed bySharon Kon

ProductionErika Howard, Sharon Kon