Silver Bells

Average rating: 3.7
1 hr 28 minNR

Silver Bells

Recommended Age: 9+

Strong Christian worldview that criticizes the materialistic, humanistic worldview of Christmas, it affirms that the reason we celebrate Christmas is to give through love as we celebrate the birth of Christ, the main protagonist’s teenage son suggests going to church on Sunday and ends up going on his own, money donated to the Salvation Army is referred to as the Lord’s money, Matthew 23:11 is quoted, worship music is played on brass instruments, a football star shares his testimony on live television; No obscenities, but the main protagonist yells harshly at a referee and calls him an idiot, that same referee in turns talks cruelly back to him later on numerous occasions; A man is smacked hard in the face by a basketball; No sexual content; No nudity; No alcohol use; No smoking or drug use; A team of basketball players vandalize a family’s front yard, the main protagonist follows a lifestyle of rather selfish behavior: he parks in a handicap spot and doesn’t even care, he forces people outside a K-Mart to donate money to the Salvation Army by following and bugging them, one of them he calls a "cheapskate," and he tries to take a sack of flour from a little girl.


Silver Bells


CastBruce Boxleitner, Antonio Fargas

WritingAndrea Gyertson Nasfell

Directed byHarold Cronk