Redemption of the Heart

Average rating: 3.5
1 hr 36 min

One man must rediscover God after he falls away from Christianity and into self-destructive behavior.

Redemption of the Heart

Recommended Age: 9+

Very Strong Christian and Biblical worldviews including many redemptive elements from all the main characters as well as seeking out Bible verses for guidance during hard times, praying, asking and receiving forgiveness, going back and making things right with everyone who was wronged, crying out to God and asking Him into their heart; no foul language; light violence including a man holding another man at gun point as well as fighting with another man and holding him by the throat against a door, a man has a heart attack and dies; very light level of sexual content with a kiss between an engaged man and woman; no nudity; light level of alcohol use including a man and woman drinking beer and wine, and another woman is tempted to drink alcohol; no smoking or drug use; and, strong level of miscellaneous immorality such as lying, stealing, revenge, greed, blackmail, bad role models, conning, anger, gang reference, gambling addiction, and manipulation.


Redemption of the Heart


CastCrister De Leon, Melissa Dixon, David Morales

Directed byIsaac Meeks, Sandon Yahn


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