The Ten Commandments

Average rating: 3.4
0 hr 46 min

A wonderfully animated version of Moses: the Ten Commandments and the parting of the sea.

The Ten Commandments

Recommended Age: All Ages

Strong Biblical worldview of trusting and following God, honoring God’s Law, positive family portrayal, self sacrifice; tasteful portrayal of Hebrew slavery, implied babies and children killed, not shown, children practice sword fights, implied drowning of an army; upper male nudity; sorceress chants, consults oracle, potentially frightening image of burning pot which reveals image of woman, statue of idols are seen, man prays to idol, boy is bully, voice of God associated with colorful bright lights, dysfunctional family portrayal, man tries to take revenge, Pharaoh teaches son a "might makes right" message, historical inaccuracies.


The Ten Commandments


CastJoel Briel, Ken Prymus, Petere Samuel, Heidi Stallings, Lynn Sterling

Directed byMichael Sporn

ProductionRobert Marianetti, Michael Sporn, Bert Stratford, Aurora Sujaritchan, Roger Wu


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