Average rating: 3.6
0 hr 18 minNR

Will is led on a significant journey with the Ragman, a mysterious figure who helps the poor.

Recommended Age: All Ages

Strong Christian worldview, themes of sacrificing one’s health, happiness, and comfort for another, "Ragman" is a Jesus-like figure/character, taking the ailments and pains of other people and putting them on himself, Strong Biblical worldview, the story is based on the short story encircling a Biblical theme of "he put new rags on me and I am a wonder beside him;" Brief violence, a man throws a woman out of the house yelling at her, when she appears closer she has a bloody forehead and lip; Brief upper male nudity, non-sexual, man takes off his shirt and asks Ragman (Jesus) to dress him; brief depiction of dysfunctional relationships.




CastAllen Marsh, Alan David, Karen Palmer, Rebecca, Hirschfeld, Paul Luckritz, Portia Secor, Michael Henson

WritingDale Ward

Directed byDale Ward

ProductionDale Ward