Road to Emmaus

Average rating: 3.8
0 hr 32 minNR

Discover the key to life on the Road to Emmaus as two travellers' great sadness turns to great joy.

Recommended Age: All Ages

Strong Christian worldview, themes of redemption, forgiveness and self-sacrifice, main characters are disciples of Christ, Jesus walks with them without their recognition of him and explains parts of the Bible and prophecy, Strong Biblical worldview, entire story is based of the story from Luke 24 in which Jesus appears to and discusses the recent events with these two men, at the end of the film 1 John 4:10 is shown on screen; Brief violence towards the beginning of the film where Jesus is being beaten and crucified, very short scene and not very graphic; Brief upper male nudity, when Jesus is beaten and hung from the cross.


Road to Emmaus


CastBruce Marchiano, Simon Provan, Guy Holling, Kristie Cooper

WritingMichael J. Trinklein

Directed bySteven J. Boettcher

ProductionSteven J. Boettcher